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About Us


Dr. Prasanth has an Ayurveda B.A.M.S. degree from SDM College of Ayurveda, Mangalore University, South India.After finishing the studies, he practiced under the guidance of his father, the known Ayurveda Physician Vadyaratnam Dr. R. Raghavan, at his family clinic. Dr. R. Raghavan is the disciple of Swami Dathathreya, studied Ayurveda in the Gurukula system and has pursued his allopathic medicine degree. He has inspired and taught Ayurvedic science to Dr. Prasanth since childhood. Dr. Prasanth, was able to identify 300 different herbs while he was very young and he has been preparing herbal medicines since early age at his family pharmacy.For him, Ayurveda is neither based on curriculum nor is it a job; but he was born and brought up in milieu of Ayurveda and Ayurveda is a passion for him.His deep rooted knowledge in Ayurveda and his 7 years practice in Germany (2001-2008) have led to development of intensive Program for Treatment of MS.To his countable merits he specialized in neurological illness (with special emphasis on Multiple Sclerosis) and had presented papers on several subjects nationally and internationally. His deep rooted knowledge in Ayurveda and his compassionate approach to patients reveal his originality and commitment to Ayurveda.

Dr. Pradeep Raghavan

Dr. Pradeep Raghavan did his formal six years University degree course in Ayurveda from VR Ayurveda College, Chennai under MGR University. The college has a 75 year old teaching history. The most valuable learning he had was also under the guidance of his father. Many patients could find help with the same method of treatment in his praxis, being specialized in Panchakarma. Now he is working together with his brother Dr. Prasanth in the second center ''Ayush Prana'' from Chinnar.


Dr. Geetha Sundar, has an Ayurveda B.A.M.S. degree from Venkat Ramana Ayurveda College, Chennai University, South India.After finishing the studies, she has also been trained at her family clinic under guidance of her father, Dr. R. Raghavan.She has been practicing with Dr. Prasanth for couple of years and is very familiar with his treatment methodology for Multiple Sclerosis.

SIMONA GERBER (Dr.Prasanth's Assistant)

Simona is a Yoga and Ayurveda Therapist practicing at AYUSH PRANA. She is the chief therapist, involved in coordination of the therapies and organisation of the center. Being familiar with this treatment method since 2006, she is able to understand the patients needs and in the position to accompany and take care of them. By sending inquiring about the treatment, the prompt and competent answer will come from her.