Why Ayush Prana?

  • “The only Ayurveda MS speciality hospital in the world.”
  • Experienced in treating exclusively MS since 1997.
  • Patented and custom made herbal preparations.
  • International experiences for 8 years in Germany.
  • Scientifically proven therapy for MS.
  • Affordable price, International standards.
  • GMP certified pharmacy.
  • MS oriented therapeutic Yoga, physiotherapy.
  • Solar powered eco-friendly construction.
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In accordance with innovative treatment methods, we conduct immuno balancing therapies that can enhance body’s capacity to regenerate. It is also regarded as the most effective therapy in Ayurveda system. We use high quality and most organic oil that can stimulate the marma point where your physical and subtle body intersect.

Ayushprana Foundation

Dr. Prasanth, Founder of Ayushprana, strives to understand the suffering of MS patients on much deeper level. He delved into unchartered territories of MS and reemerged with an effective Ayurvedic treatment that has produced significant changes in his patients. Ayushprana is the result of Dr. Parasanth’s search for a beautiful place where one can find inner peace.

The Research Program

Finding the specific cause of MS in a patient. Study done to evaluate the genetic cause if any and means to protect from transferring to the next generation. Close monitoring and recording of the patient’s Neuro- immune involvement, neuro-psycho analysis, and their solutions with herbs and treatments during the treatment and afterwards until the expected result is attained.


Center for MS is situated on the banks of river Periyar with the serene view of the forest stretched across one side of the center. It is in Illithode village, 25 km from Kochi international airport. A 30 minutes drive from the airport will take you to one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. Our center is studded with numerous varieties of trees and herbs,teak, jackfruit, mahogany, mango trees, henna, nutmeg, pepper, papaya and coconut palms.