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Ayushprana Foundation

Dr. Prasanth,, Founder of Ayushprana, strives to understand the suffering of MS patients on much deeper level. He delved into unchartered territories of Multiple Sclerosis and reemerged with an effective Ayurvedic treatment that has produced significant changes in his patients. Ayushprana is the result of Dr. Prasanth’s search for a beautiful place where one can find inner peace. 

Ayush Prana Foundation is registered as a non-profit organisation functioning for the benefit of MS patients. Through this Trust we provide help to those deserving. Special consideration will be given for paediatric patients and young mothers.


  • to support MS patients for treatment. We are providing help for MS patients, among them mother and children affected with MS are given priority.

  • Supporting tribal people and other staffs who help us to procure rare herbs.

  • Supporting research programs for MS.

  • Research and evolving new and more effective herbal medication for MS

  • Propagation of Ayurveda.

  • Those who had relief and success with our treatment could contribute to our Trust or directly to MS patients who have financial difficulties to afford the treatment.

  • We are supporting in the building of eco-friendly houses for tribal herb collectors who are working for us.

  • In cooperation with other NGO’s, we involve in routine cleaning of public places like beach, bus waiting station etc.

  • We have successfully planted almost 100 fully grown trees so far.

  • We are actively participating in the development of Illithode village to make it an organic farming village.