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In accordance with innovative treatment methods, we conduct immuno therapies that can enhance body’s capacity to regenerate. It is also regarded as the most effective therapy in Ayurveda system.  We use high quality and most organic oil that can stimulate the marma point where your physical and subtle body intersect.




Shiro Vasti

This form is considered the strongest and the most effective therapy in Ayurveda, called in the ancient texts ''the Queen of therapies'', though it makes sense only if you use high qualitative oils. It accesses directly the central nervous system by keeping on the head for certain time (1.5 – 2 hours), and influence the most sensitive and important marma point (energetic centers) where the physical and subtle body meet together. Some little quantity will be absorbed through the scalp, but the most important factor remains that there is a different, invisible absorption which cannot be seen, but it takes place, functioning in a very subtle way, and from where the essence of the herbs will be absorbed. That has the greater importance than the physical absorption.


Thaila Dhara

The warm oil will be poured over the body, on special marma points which will be activated, and it will be combined with a soft massage. The herbs will be assimilated through the whole skin, but again, the essence of the special plants for neurological system will do the whole work by influencing the brain and nerves. The body will become slowly more flexible, the bladder will start functioning better, the numbness or stiffness, or spastic in time will disappear, and the sight will be improved and so on. It is not because of the massage, but as a result and confirmation of the processes which takes place into the central nervous system, with the help of the herbs where the nature itself (the basic of any organism) will reveal its power to heal. After the ThailaDhara, the patient needs to lie down on the table for minimum half an hour, a period of time which will maximize again the effect of this therapy form.


Kashaya Dhara

The same procedure like with oil, but this time using decoction, poured over the body and marma points, will help to increase the metabolic level and the absorption of the herbs, will bring relaxation into the body, and will get again benefit from the herbs used in the decoction (called Kashaya).

There are different other therapies like Nasya, Rice massage, with a very special rice which grows only in Kerala, Basti, Talam and so on, but are used in comparison more rare, whenever doctor means is required.

The therapies will be decided mostly on a daily basis according to your pulse. It cannot be pre-planned or ''booked'' per wish and only the doctors alone will decide it according to the condition, pulse and experience.