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Ayush Prana Foundation is registered as a non-profit organisation functioning for the benefit of MS patients. Through this Trust we provide help to those deserving. Special consideration will be given for paediatric patients and young mothers.


  • to support MS patients for treatment. We are providing help for MS patients, among them mother and children affected with MS are given priority.
  • Supporting tribal people and other staffs who help us to procure rare herbs.
  • Supporting research programs for MS.
  • Research and evolving new and more effective herbal medication for MS
  • Propagation of Ayurveda.
  • Those who had relief and success with our treatment could contribute to our Trust or directly to MS patients who have financial difficulties to afford the treatment.
  • We are supporting in the building of eco-friendly houses for tribal herb collectors who are working for us.


Details For Transfer From India

Account Name:  Ayush Prana Ayurveda Hospital
Ac/ no : 13710200006814
IFSC: FDRL0001371
Branch : Federal bank Kalady Branch

Details For International transfer  

Name: Prasanth Raghavan
IBAN: DE21200905000007616198
Bank: Netbank AG
Post adresse: Netbank AG, Postfach 500448, 22704 Hamburg
House adresse bank: Netbank AG, Max-Brauer-Allee 62-64, 22765 Hamburg
Home address: Untere Muehle 1, 75365 Calw