Everyone has a responsibility to prevent the spread and contain the infection…. It’s highly important to break the chain of transmission and thereby contain the infection and save lives as the disease is increasingly spreading and claiming lives across the globe.

Things to ponder about…

  • Coronavirus infection is highly contagious and can affect people of all ages.
  • The honorable Prime Minister has strongly urged fellow Indians to maintain social distancing or self-isolation, as it is the only way left with us to stop the transmission

The Clouded Sky

Rasmi lived in a small village with her family. They had to work really hard for the ends to meet. But they found happiness in their nest by bonding together. Rasmi had the responsibility of the entire house hold, being the elder sister in the family. It was a necessity for her to find a job as soon as possible, so she stopped her studies in the middle and joined in a near by company as a typist. Even though she wasn’t earning much, she could help her younger one to finish her studies, provide for the house. Soon the family found a groom for her and everything went like an Arabic fairy tale.

The Golden Period of MS

Everyone has their Golden period in life, same as of an MS patient too. Here we are explain about the best time period to get treatment and come out of the disease.

Generally an RRMS patient will eventually move to SPMS in a span of 8 to 9 years. But there is a particular period which comes after the appearance of initial symptoms. This is the time where the nervous system of the human body is trying to repair itself and go back to the state of being healthy...