Custom made herbal preparations

MS is highly individualized disease. We find differences in the appearance of symptoms, course of the disease in time, rate of progression of the disease, etc For an eventual success of the treatment custom made medicines are required. That is mainly in the form of concentrated tea (decoction or herbal tea) or extract of handpicked combination of herbs for particular symptoms and constitution. Our pharmacy is so arranged that all our patients are ensured with individual concentrated decoction daily. Certain symptoms need to have individual medication like vision disturbance or other sensory disturbances, speech disability, hormonal imbalance, sleep disturbances, bowel and bladder incontinence, etc.

We use only our medicated oils which are specifically prepared for Neurological disorders, are custom made and are potentiated several times for superior effect. Only with such high concentrated oils we can bring improvements in a severe disease like Multiple Sclerosis. These oils have been developed and patented by the Raghavan family.

PAMS medicines are prepared from multiple herbs, extending from 5 to 75 different combinations. Most of the herbal combinations are given in the form of tablets. Those tablets are prepared after collecting the desired quantity and quality of herbs which are intern extracted by boiling in 8 times water, in mild fire, continuously. As and then a colloid state of the solute appear, they are then taken for the sun-drying, procedure where they are granulated and added with natural binding agents (developed by PAMS).