Goals Of Treatment

Stage Of Total Recovery:

Complete recovery from MS without leaving any residual symptoms. This is possible in initially diagnosed patients without having serious symptoms like walking debility or incontinence etc., who are having fewer lesions in brain, where the spine is not affected or not having massive lesions in spinal cord. EDSS 1 – 3.5 (For more info read staging of MS according to PAMS).

Expected results after 3 years PAMS

  1. Improvements in symptoms like walking distance, vision, balance etc.

  2. No decline in physical capability or any neurological functions.

  3. Stopping the progression of the disease.

  4. NO appearance of new symptoms.

  5. MRI – DIS (Dissemination in Space) and DIT (Dissemination in Time) are controlled which means no appearance of new lesions, disappearance of present lesions (in 25% cases) or the lesions become non-active.

Stage Of Improvement And Stability

 Here patients between EDSS 4-6.00 are considered. Those who are able to walk without help but with difficulties, who needs walking aid and who have problem in balancing, bowel and bladder control, or vision, or fine motoric symptoms, or extreme fatigue, etc. (For more info read staging of MS according to PAMS)

Stabilisation of MS & Improvement of MS symptoms.

Stage of Prevention – Preventing the progression of disease.

Stage Of Management  

 For Patients above EDSS 6.5, progression can be slowed down with continuous medicine/therapy after the treatment.

Duration Of Treatment

  • The minimum duration of the treatment is 50 - 60 days a year, which has to be repeated for 3 consecutive times.

  • The exact period of treatment could only be ascertained by the Doctor after consultation.

  • In case of advanced stage of MS or rapidly progressive MS, the duration of stay and treatment days will be more.

  • It is also to be noted that the 1st year is the most important treatment time and at times the initial year treatment duration could be more than 60 days which depends on PAMS criteria.

  • If patients are unable to take immediate treatment from the hospital, they can take our herbal medicinal preparations and schedule treatment later.