How are these herbs used?

The above mentioned herbal preparation in different forms have specific activity in the body. There are herbal combination that are acting in neuro regeneration, on the autonomous nervous system, on the motor functions, on the higher centres of the brain like cognitive system.

Apart from these, there are combination of herbs:

balancing, stabilizing and strengthening the immune system

improving the metabolic system including the digestion process,

controlling the bladder function - herbs that are useful in improving the sleep quality and quantity

acts against depression, mood swing,

betterment in the vision functionality.

These multiple combination of herbal preparations is essential in the treatment of MS.

Method of preparing potentiated medicated herbal oils:

The medicated oils have a high concentration of medicinal extract

which is average 5 times herbal extract more than the normal herbal oils in the market. The numerous ingredients as specified below are used for preparing the oil


Sesame oil as the base oil.

Water: added 4 - 8 times the oil.

Herbal paste: ¼ the quantity of oil.

Herbal decoction: 2 times that of oil.

Fresh Herbal extracts: same quantity as that of oil.


These ingredients are heated on mild fire in a traditional vessel made up of 5 metal alloy (Varp). The contents are slowly stirred continuously during the entire process to ensure the uniform absorption of heat. When the herbal paste has reached a stage, which is called as “Mrudu Paka” (soft consistency - where there is percolated water molecules), the oil is filtered. This stage stays only for a few minutes in the entire process, so oil needs to be filtered carefully within this short span of time. The whole process of preparing the oil takes around 12-15 days, during which the temperature of the oil is always kept at 75-80 degree Celsius. The medicated oils for the Therapy are highly seasoned and concentrated herbal oils. The repeated addition of herbal extract and herbal decoctions (11 times) makes the oil 11 times potentiated than the normal oil. These superior oils are used in therapies like Shirovasthi, Shirodhara, Thailadhara. The oil for the Therapy requires 3-4 weeks for preparation. 7 different types of herbal medicated herbal oil are used in treatment for Multiple Sclerosis at Ayush Prana. These oils are used either alone or in combination. The patient may be given custom made oil depending on the symptoms, constitution, stage of MS, mental state, etc.