Patient Testimonials

Knowing human being and elaborating the intricacies, Ayurveda remains unique in the concept of the individual. A few months of my life and practice in Germany gave me the understanding, that Ayurveda could emerge as a medical system in the West only through evidence based studies. Because its philosophical and theoratical fundamentals are unable to be explained in the present day reductionistic knowledge. This event shall be enumerated as a step to the future of Ayurveda in the West.

Incidently, I had various occasions to share with MS patients and there by to know the intensity of the disease “Multiple Sclerosis”. Since MS is affecting mostly people of the younger age group, who are involved in the vibrance of health in creating family, job, sport etc it is a despairing incident in their life. Its sudden onset and the impression they get that there is no cure possible.

The Government of Germany is paying more than 33000 Euro per year (Die Welt 16.11.04).(the reason to which this treatment method can be inducted to be paid by the insurance).

This is a collection of case studies on Multiple Sclerosis treated with the help of DATMS (The Dathathreya Ayurvedic Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis). A collection of Ayurvedic treatment methods adapted to individual needs. A treatment method that had been invented or developed by Swami Dathathreya, the teacher to my father Dr. R.Raghavan who had refined this method and is using in the management of Multiple Sclerosis in our Family clinic in India and Ayurveda Ashram in Germany. The most important facet of the treatment is the usage of Potentated Herbal oils.

This is an invitation to share the benevolent views of the Ayurveda as reflected by the vedic saying “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” – let the entire world be Healthy.

Dr. Prasanth Raghavan P.A.M.S

Here we give an overview about Multiple Sclerosis patients who had the DATMS Ayurveda treatment programs, which had been treated by Dr.Prasanth Raghavan (P.A.M.S. Mangalore University, India). Here we have given more emphasis on the symptoms that are affecting patients daily life (pains, motor functions like walking, bladder control, vision etc.)

MS diagnosis 2005

Background of Mrs. Elisabeth Heinrich: age 53 years, was working as a school teacher for the past 30 years.  She worked continuously without leave during the duration of her career.  During the treatment she agreed to take a 6 months leave after the therapy which was essential to control the progression of MS.

Duration of DATMS Therapy – July 2006 for 60 days.
Investigation Method - MRI and CSF investigation.
Diagnosis - 2002 
Type of MS – Primary progressive. 
Body weight - 66 kg , Height- 1,72 meters

She got the diagnosis of MS in the year 2002. But in the year 2000 she was diagnosed as Encephalomyelitis disseminate. In the year 2002 itself she got 3 exacerbation and that leads to considerable deficit in motor activities were her walking distance was reduced to less than 2 km (she was walking more than 20 km before 2000). And other symptoms like severe pain, bladder symptoms, gait disturbances etc.

Medication – On all the 3 exacerbations period she was on high doses of cortisone. Also medications like Copaxone, Neurontin 300 (twice daily, ingredient is Gaba Pentene).
Kentera – Plaster (Wirkstoff oxybutznin), L-Thyroxin 100, Urbasone, and other food supplements.  She is taking L-Thyroxin 100 on advice from her endocrinologist to avoid a pathology process that may lead to disease of the thyroid gland in the future. (Details not available.)
Symptoms of MS before DATMS

Altered Sensation – tingling sensation in the legs, dissimilar sensation of the left hand.

Gait & Balance – it is documented that when she walks 200-250 meters, she has considerable pain in the legs. The gait was visibly changed from normalcy, with dragging of the left leg involving her hip joint.

Spasticity - Spasticity is present in both the legs, especially the left leg.Stiffness of the knee joint and  ankle joint.

Coordination- mildly affected.

Bladder & bowel problems - she has to wake up in the night 3-4 times, and reported urinary incontinence, she has to interrupt the therapy several times during the initial days of treatment for urination or bowel urgency. Bowel control was also affected as she says that – flatulence (elimination of gas) without control; frequent constipation.

Cognitive & emotional disturbance- See ‘General’

Mental - mentally disturbed with mood swings due to MS.

Weakness & fatigue – Fatigued in the afternoon, during warm days and in summer.

Pain - She had severe pain in the legs for which she was taking Gaba pentene 600 mg and still the pain was strong, occasional headache.

Family – no family history of MS or other neurological diseases.

General – As she was having severe side effects from the medication she was taking, she requested that the doses be minimized, especially the Gaba Pentene, which was taken for palliating the pain and was periodically increased to 600 mg still the pain was strong. It is stated that this medicine is not supposed to be taken not longer than 6 months (she had already been taking Gaba Pentene for 4 years). Her condition improved during the first days of treatment ,especiallythe pain and she tried to taper the intake of Gaba pentene , but on the following days she had severe panic attacks, depression and sleeplessness (only 2 –3 hours of sleep during the night) as the withdrawal symptom of Gaba Pentene. On consultation with  the Neurologist who suggested for her to continue taking Gaba Pentene.  However, with her determination and the effect of the DATMS treatment she had slowly tapered the dosage of the drug to 100mg from 600mg. During the treatment, the complication of the Gaba Pentene was disrupting her sleep, where sleep is very essential for the recovery of the patient therefore she had been advised to postpone the treatment for about a month until her sleep was normalized. Earlier in her life she had thyroid surgery and from then onwards she was taking L-thyroxin 100mg, this might have also complicated the situation.
After the DATMS Therapy

Gait & Balance – She is able to walk 600-650 meters and during the second to the last day of the treatment she walked 1000 meters with out having pain or other discomfort.  Moreover the gait style improved considerably in the initial phase of walking (up to 100 meters) and there is no visible disturbance in walking and balance. The dragging of the left leg and hip has visibly improved.

Spasticity - The spasticity of both legs has improved; especially the left leg which was more affected.

Bladder & bowel problems – there was noticeable improvement in the bladder control as she is waking up only 1 time in the night. Even though she had withdrawn for the Kentera-Plaster what was applied for bladder control. The problems of bowel urgency and flatulence without control were absent during the later days of treatment.

Cognitive & emotional disturbance – she is calm and stable now.

Pain – Pain in the legs were absent during the last phase of treatment. The intensity of the headache is reduced.

In simple words “Ayush Prana” is a God gifted BOON to MS patients in Gods own Country.I would like to thank Dr. Prasanth & Dr. Geetha for their immense support for my well being.And special thanks to Simona for her patience to listen to us & guide us for my betterment. Last but not the least I would like to appreciate to have the best therapist & staff which made me comfortable stay during the treatment.

Thanks a loads

With love



Wishing all the patients Happy Recovery

First, Since I am here thanks to Simona, I really would like to thank her to give me this chance to my life. She also has been a great help to me during all my treatment. I couldn’t be more pleased with the helpful and friendly behaviours of all staff working in the clinic. I am also so happy that I have established a great lasting friendship with other patients. I always knew that I would get well one day.

Now, at the end of my first treatment, I strongly feel that this dream will come true very soon through “Ayush Prana”. I remain sincerely and respectful thankful to my best doctor in my life Your patient from Turkey.

Last year (2012) my life offered me a big unexpected change! I started the year in new York in the middle of skyscrapers, noises and pollution; I ended up surrounded by trees & birds in “Ayush Prana”, and I found my peace of mind just here. Thanks to mother nature who has guided me to quickly choose the Ayurveda path for my healing. It’s really true: Nothing is missing and everything is perfect in nature!

I get more closer to patience, perseverance, faith and emotional stability here. My mind is more like Peryar river: I just let my thoughts flow and go! We have to defend happiness as our first right, as human being. Protect your happiness from worries, nightmares and serious medical diagnosis. Defend your present happiness from obligations, rhetoric, melancholies coming from the past or the future. If we achieve that, we will become 100% healthy!

I wish abundance, prosperity, health and love to each person who comes to and lives in “Ayush Prana”.

A huge “Grazie” (thanks in Italian) to Dr. Prasanth, Dr. Geetha & Simona.

Anna (Italy)

I am here for my second time and I am very happy that I found this way of treatments to heal my MS problems. After the first time of treatments I got much more quality back into my life. For example my balance was much more better than before, the walking was easier because my legs were much more light and two months before I stopped with the common medicine and I feel very good with this. After my second time I feel much more safe when I walk and walking is much more better than before. Thanks for this nice treatments and that I can look into my future with much more hope. I hope that this nice treatments will help all patients and wish the best for all.

Liebe Simona

Lieber Dr. Prasanth,

Durch Peter Brose, der meine Freundin in Indien getroffen hat, bin ich zu dieser Aufenthalt in „Ayush Prana“ gekommen. Ich kam hierher gestresst, abgearbeitet und ein wenig depressiv. Ich fliege morgen als zufrieden, ruhig und fuehle mich wohl, dank diese schoene Flecke Erde, mit ihren netten, freundlichen Leuten und Therapeuten. Beim Essen muesste ich mich zurueck halten, so gut hat es geschmeckt. Ich hatte gehofft dass mein linkes Bein etwas besser werden wuerde, aber es kann noch kommen, ich bin zuversichtlich!Schoen war es so viele nette Bekanntschaften zu machen, die alle in der gleiche Boot sitzen. Werde meine Morgentliche Spaziergaenge zum Fluss sehr vermissen. Da habe ich auch eine Menge Sorgen getraenkt. Ich danke euch fuer die liebe Unterstuetzung und Fuersorge und wuensche alles gute fuer die Zukunft in Kampf gegen MS

Eure Cathrine

(Oslo & Hamburg)


It’s the simple things in life that makes us happy and keep us healthy. While trying hard to be a good human being and fulfill everybody’s expectations, I totally forgot about it and finally got… MS. But I’ll take my chance and just push the”RESET” button. And this wonderful little island called “Ayush Prana” is the best place to do it. I enjoyed every single day together will all these great people here. The nice and carrying doctor and Simona, the lovely workers, the other patients which became friends. Days went by so quick and now it’s time to say goodbye and thank you for this amazing experience. Hopefully we’ll see each other next year. And to those who follow: Cogratulation! You’ve taken the right decision. Enjoy and just… keep it simple!


A place for resting and enjoying, for laughing and crying, for contemplation and healing. Thank you all for your understanding and loving care for me during these past two months. I came sad, tired & depressed. I leave hopeful, calm and with joy in my heart. Thank you to the good doctor and his amazing cheerful staff. See you next year! And to all my fellow MS – explorers – we can do this – Yes, we can! I wish all of you the best in life.
Love Eva

I would like to thank to the nature, thank to Ayurveda, thank to Dr. Prasanth for giving people an opportunity of having this amazing treatment, thank to Simona for care you giving, thank to all worker here

thank to all my fellow patients for sharing fun together…

thank to my mum for guiding me through my life,

thank to intelligence that was given to me and took me to “Ayush Prana”.

thank to movie called “Ayurveda”

thank to google.com! I was able to google this place.

All the best for everybody


See you next year 

Thanks Ayush Prana!
Thanks wonderful staff!
I leave you in rain and thunder. Hope for cooler and dryer weather at home. 
My MS just love this humid and warm weather. I don’t!
Wish every MS patient good recovery!!


Dr. Prasanth, Dr. Geetha und Simona fuer Euer wunderbares engagement im Kampf gegen die MS.

Nach meiner Diagnose spritzte ich 5 Monate Int***. Doch mir war klar, dass mein Leben so nicht weitergehen sollte. Tarke Nebenwirkungen beherrschten meinen gesamten Alltag. Ich erinnerte mich an den mutigen Schritt einer guten Freundin. Sie flog 6 Wochen nach Sri Lanka und machte dort eine Ayurveda Kur. Ihre Erzaehlungen ermutigten mich, wie auch ein Spruch heisst: „man muss vom Weg abkommen, um nicht auf der Strecke zu bleiben!“

So landete ich dann beim „Ayush prana“.

Rueckblickend wirkt jetzt alles wie ein gluecklicher Zufall, dass ich einfach so ueber eine Internetrecherche hier in diesem resort gelandet bin. Simona’s Herzlichkeit und vertrauensvolle Art bewegte mich zum Buchen.

Jetzt werde ich in Kuerze meinen 2 Behandlungsblock hier in Indien abschliessen und guten Mutes wieder zurueck ins frostige Deutschland reisen. Ich werde mit einem ganz grossen rucksack voller positiver Energie, frischem Wind und Tatendrang und der festen Ueberzeugung MS zu besiegen, nach Hause fliegen. Herzlichen Dank Dr. Prasanth und Dr. Geetha fuer die wunderbare Hilfe und Gesundung durch Ihr Ayurvedisches Wissen. Ein ganz besonderer dank gilt auch allen Therapeuten und Arbeitern, die durch ihr sonniges Gemuet taeglich dafuer sorgen dass man sich vom ersten Tag an wie in einer grossen Familie aufgenommen fuehlt.

Ich wuensche euch allen alles Liebe und Gute und sag aufwiedersehen bis zum naechsten Jahr.


3 Feb. 2013

Stunde um Stunde, tag fuer Tag wollen wir das Unfassbare fassen, das Unberechenbare festmachen. Blumen welken, wenn man sie beruehrt. Eis bricht ploetzlich unter unseren Fuessen. Vergebens versuchen wir der Spur der Voeglem am Himmel, der stummen Fische im tiefen wasser zu folgen, wollen das verdiente Laecheln, die sanfte Belohnung vorwegnehmen, wollen gar das eigene Leben festhalten. Aber das Leben gleitet uns durch die Finger, wie Schnee. Das Leben kann uns nicht gehoeren. Wir gehoeren dem Leben. Das leben gibt den Ton an“. (Sancharakshita) Lieber Dr. Prasanth, Liebe Simona Im Jahr 2012 war die Zeit reif –nein, besser gesagt, ich war endliche mental bereit euch zu kontaktieren. Ich kam zu euch ohne Furcht, ohne vorgefertigte Meinung, ohne Erwartung. Ich fand ein Land, eine Natur und Umgebung die mich forderten, mich lehrten, mich begeisterten. Ich fand menschen die immer freundlich waren und sich kuemmerten und sorgten, mit denen ich stets ein Laecheln teilen konnte. Ich fand in den Therapien ein Stueck weit zurueck zu meinem Koerper, fand im Umgang mit anderen die mir Freunde wurden, die Stille in mir selbst.


Ich reise morgen nacht als ein ganzer Mensch nach Hause.

Ich erwarte nichts und bin doch sehr gespannt auf alles was kommen mag.


Eure Marit


08.02.2013 – 09.04.2013

A ray of hope for the defeted MS patients where people are miraculously given a second chance o get back to their life.

“AYUSHN PRANA” as the name suggest is a place where the energy and force needed for healthy and quality living is provided.

The trangiue and serene atmosphere, the caring workers, compassionate and loving Simona, the confident and calm doctor are .. wouders on the patient.

I a really impressed with the remarkable changes or improvements that I have experienced in my first year stay here, that me and my whole family are very appreciative and thankful to the doctor for giving me a chance to look for more in life.

Kudos !!! to you doctor. With more effective managemen I feel this would be heaven for Ms patients.


You’ve found really a beautiful place for treatment here – it’s quiet, peaceful and harmonious! I’ve enjoyed my 48 days continually stay.

I could get out of my eye-symptoms and I’m very happy about it. In trust in Ayurveda treatment and will come back next year!

All the best wishes for every MS Patient and a full recovery soon...

Dear Doctor and Simona

I am really very lucky because I came here and I met you all.

It was a mind-blowing job you all have done for me and I am very happy that I got the address of “Ayush Prana”. Thank you very much for everything and also to the whole staff. They were really very nice and good. I also want to thank Dr. Geetha for her guidance. So, in short

I will miss you so much!!!

Thanks a lot!!



I thank Simona for giving me the opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude towards “Ayush Prana”. I got to know about it via Internet. It’s a silent and serene place with a lot of greenery everywhere and lovely and caring staff. My symptoms are gradually reducing and I am sure that soon I will lead a symptom-free healthy and normal life. I really appreciate the effort taken by the doctor, the therapists and all the staff. If managed more properly, they will create wonderful.

I have great faith in God and I trust Ayurveda and Dr. Prasanth. I pray for well being of everyone. I am sure of returning back next year with the same positive energy and thoughts.

This place really sends very positive vibes. I will surely miss this place and the people when I return tomorrow back home.

The treatments given are also effective. I wish “Ayush Prana” my best wishes for combating and defeating MS. Amen!!


6th Jan. 2012

THANK YOU Dr Prasanth ! Thank you Simona & entire “Ayush Prana” TEAM!

Dr. Prasanth – great magician- heals the wounds, which are not even visible! And his team makes it easier! Dr. Prasanth is doing very astonishing treatment for MS! Thanks a million Doctor, for taking me out of this depressing disease… His herbs help in healing MS as well as given energy to settle & get stable emotionally & mentally. I found ME again in these 3 years of treatment! “Thank you” is not really enough to express my gratitude towards Dr. Prasanth… But… I can only say THANKS A LOT! I truly hope most of MS patients read about this research & take the treatment here… As this center is not only herbs & therapy but it’s more than that… it’s about love!

I wish all a very happy healing!

Don’t worry friends, if you are at “Ayush Prana”… you are very safe & secure

With love


Ayurveda is the oldest way of curing diseases. My husband was very sure that in Ayurveda there would be a treatment to cure MS and we found about it in the Internet that “AYUSH PRANA” in KOCHI is the place where my problem of MS will be cured.

I came here with a positive thought and energy in mind. After coming here I realized that I am in the right place. The natural beauty of the river flowing nearby made me feel as I am in heaven. Dr. Prasanth is very good. I found that he was so desperate and taks so much interest in treating his patients that I became sure that I will tell bye-bye to MS when I return from here after 60 days.

Simona is also very good &beautiful. She is very calm and eager to take suggestions from the patients for the betterment of this centre - Ayush Prana which I really loved.

The staff working over here especially the women workers are very hardworking & sincere. They are so helpful to us that in there 63 days I never had the feeling of homesickness. All the patients here are very nice, we became so friendly with all. We, the Doctor, Simona, the patients and the staff became like a family. We all enjoyed being together over hereand the days past very quickly.

Thanks all – Dr. Prasanth, Simona, all the patients and the staff for being so kind, helpful & loving. I hope that you will get success in treating the patients from this disease and you find a medicine for MS., because in the whole world there is no medicinefor this MS problem. You will become an inventor of a vaccine (medicine) for MS patients for which until now no therapy is able to succeed.

I will miss you all at my place & we will again meet next year

With luv

Sonali (21-11-11 to 24-01-12)

Dear Prasanth, Dear Simona,
MS patients look quite desperate for a good solution...

Thank you for showing a “happy end”. I learned so much here!

Ayurveda is much more than medicine – I will come back not just for “treatment” for sure!

I wish everybody in this place much success in finding himself and finally healing energy,
Ute (8.2.2011 – Hannover)

Dear all,

Since I usually don’t like writing in guestbooks, I am doing here with love. It is the bad time that I am here and I can tell you that for me this treatment is/was the only thing which really worked for my neurological problems. I tried a lot of other alternative treatments before, but nothing worked like Prasanth’s treatments. I am sure that with Ayurveda and especially here at “Ayush Prana” with Dr. Prasanth I have found the most effective and best healing therapy.

Dear Prasanth,

Therefore thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you have done for me within the last 3 years. Many thanks as well to Simona and the staff people.