Dr. Prasanth Raghavan

Dr. Prasanth Raghavan is specialized in neurological disease and the torch bearer of Ayurveda therapies for neurological diseases originated centuries back in his family.

His eminence is the third generation descendent of Datthatreya Parambara. Through continuous innovation & research from childhood he had developed his skills in the area like Nadi Pariksha, Marma Vidya and also in formulating special herbal medicines.

He can identify more than 300 medicinal plants with their rasa, guna, virya, prabhava and unlike the normal kids Dr. Prasanth’s childhood was spent inside the herbal garden by identifying and feeling each and every one of them. He was exposed to many Ayurvedic formulations and treatment methodology from which slowly he developed his own special way of treatment. Later during the college time he realized his path which was neurology. Since then he started to focus more on neurological disorders.

During 2001-2008 time period he practiced in Germany as a successful Ayurveda physician. He came across many MS patients and understood their suffering more deeply. A disease which can affect the teenager and make their life miserable to an extend to bring them down to wheelchair. The available medication during that time were expensive and not showing much results. This has made him to dedicate his entire life to the vast field of Multiple Sclerosis, the disease of unknown cause.

He started research into this area and came up with the cost effective Ayurvedic treatment which shows remarkable changes in the patients. The lesions started disappearing, people started improving, they found their lost dreams again. Later on, as a path of improving programs he searched a place with the beauty of nature, richness of herbs which one can find the inner peace, that lead him to Ayush Prana destination, the place where all the deep prayers of a MS patients be answered.

There wasn’t any magic happening, only rediscovery of ancient wisdom of Indian medicinal system.