Simona Adriana Gerber

Simona, a German by nationality, is an experienced Yoga teacher, Ayurveda therapist with a vast understanding about Multiple Sclerosis gained during the whole years while assisting Dr Prasanth since 2006. She is the chief therapist being involved in the treatments, coordination of therapies, organisation and functioning of the hospital. She can speak good English, German, Romanian and can handle Spanish. Being familiar with this treatment method since so many years, she understands the needs of patient well and nurses them compassionately, patiently and with competence. Being the bridge between Indian and European mentality she acts and helps accordingly following the standards practiced in Europe. She keeps the overview of the patient’s needs during their whole stay in India and is the supervisor of all the services given by our workers. The emails are answered by her as well, being available for all the patients all the time.